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Glorious Orientation Aiming Lotus.
One's Goal should always depict his
or her true potential
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About Soul Omkar
Why Soul Omkar?
A place to share Goals and Dreams with open heart to awaken self hidden potential by observing the dynamic horizon. Soul Omkar shows its presence diligently. "Specialty Niche - Add a value to other's life being Personal Management and Inspirational Coach, Spiritual Coach for Corporate Professionals to aim and attain the Goal individually and for the benefit of the organization."
What is Coaching? Why is Coaching required?
Coaching is all about supporting the incumbents to see their Personal as well as Professional Goals/Objectives more transparently. Coaching can make that happen when driving force mirrors the pure potential of unique identity.
About The Creator of Soul Omkar:
Amit Deokule became a certified Executive Leadership coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching(MGSCC). He was a scholarship recipient for 2017 at MGSCC. Amit Deokule approved International Coach (Certified Life Balance and Master Spirit Life Coach), affiliated to Certified Coach Alliance Group, Canada, through the Symbiosis Coaching Institute. He is a versatile artist comprising of Singer, Poet, Composer and Tabla Player. He is a Finance Professional having more than 10 years of experience in the Service Sector Organizations. LET SOUL OMKAR CONNECT WITH YOU ALL, being YOU AS UNIQUE ENTITIES ON THIS PLANET.
“Amit and I met through our mutual passion for sharing peace and extending Love into the world. He is incredibly creative, supportive, genuine, kind-hearted and passionate about helping people tune into their highest self, their inner knowing, for what matters most for their lives. I highly recommend Amit to assist in tuning into your heart and achieving your highest goals.” - Laura Bedford
"Amit Deokule is very inquisitive and certainly I got certain definite insights. The sessions were self informative and has taught me to analyze. He is very professional but at the same time friendly personality. The exercises were truly interesting and it made me think."
- Mokshada Kelkar, Environmentalist

"Greetings from Rancho Santa Fe!"
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful note!
I loved your song.
Life is good.

- Marshall Goldsmith
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Award from CE & Complimentary word of Jyotiji for me.